Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sick in the Philippines...Not Sick of the Philippines

This week has been a roller coaster   I got sick at the start of the week (just a cold).  But I was in bed for like a day and a half.  Elder Daluz was really great.  He made me this rice portage stuff.  It was really good and it helped me get feeling better.  He said his grandma used to make it whenever they were sick.  But when I got feeling better we went out and taught in the evening.

 At one of the lessons we were teaching the word of wisdom.  And up until this point I struggled with teaching because I'm still learning Tagalog and I don't know the best way to present lessons, but at this particular lesson everything flowed and connected and I just started going off in Tagalog.  And I taught everything that I needed to and it made sense and the investigator was responding and participating.  It was so great.  Both Elder Daluz and I were surprised that I taught for as long as I did.  I still struggle with teaching but I have a little more confidence than I did.  I also know that the ability to teach is directly correlated with our obedience to all the mission rules.  I see a huge difference when we are exactly obedient and when we are just obedient.

Huge Butterfly; It was big and nasty but it looked cool.
This is a FHE with a family in our branch. Elder smith and Oyardo came with us.  

Some of our investigators.  We found a family that lives about 4-5 miles away from our apartment.  The only way to get to their house is a dirt road.  We can either walk for about an hour or take a 30 min tricey ride.  We usually walk one way and ride the other.  When we found this family, all the kids in the purok(street/community) came and sat down for the lesson.  So now whenever we come, the other kids are always there.  Its pretty cool because they all participate.  And most of them come to church with the family.

We had a zone activity this morning in Angadanan

Monday, February 11, 2013

Some interesting things I have learned

This week really has been better than last week.
The culture shock has worn off

The people are really nice.

I know it will just take time to get the language down

But I also know that The Lord is helping me in all aspects of this mission.

It is hard to see people not accept the truth but I know that we all have our
agency to choose.   

Echague is really a great place.

It hasn't been easy but something that Elder Holland said when he came to the MTC has stuck with me.  "Salvation is not a cheap experience!"  I know this to be true.  If it wasn't hard it wouldn't be worth it.  We need to work everyday to better ourselves and become the people that God intended us to be.  

I know that The Lord is helping me with this journey. 

Serving in Echague

House in the middle of a rice field

Elder Daluz next to a rice field

This is our Laundry room  No Joke
This is our Laundry Room  (No Joke)  

Elder Daluz
A balut is a fertilized duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It is commonly sold as street-food in the Philippines. They are common food in countries in Southeast Asia, such as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Arrival at the Cauayan Mission Home

 New Arrivals to Cauayan
5 Elders on Back row came from Provo MTC
4 Elders and 6 Sisters were in the Manila MTC
Sister and President Carlos on each end.
The Provo Elders stopped in Manila and then went on with the rest of the group to Cauayan.


Elder's Maloney, Cousin and Roy just after arriving at the Mission Home




 Making his phone call home, to let us know he arrived safely.

Mom is on the other end :-)