Monday, March 25, 2013

Can't believe I have been out 4 months!!!!

This week has been another one of those awesome weeks.  It has flown by like every week does.  I can't believe that I have already been out four months!  We have had a lot of success that can't necessarily be tracked but is still so important!!!   This week we have been focusing on finding new investigators.  We went on splits with the zone leaders this week and Elder Smith pretty much talked to everyone we walked past and now we have a whole bunch of new investigators.  We taught a lesson to a group of high school boys and they were asking really good deep questions about the gospel.  It was so amazing! 

We had a zone activity this morning because the AP's were texting the transfer list to all the Zone Leaders.  We only had 3 transfers in our zone.  No one in our apartment is being transferred which was kind of expected.  There will probably be a bunch in May.

Food is typically a lot cheaper here but there isn't as much of a selection.  But I really do like Filipino food.  The rice here is really good and they use curry sometimes so there are no complaints from me.  We are going to Cauayan again tomorrow for farewell fireside (all the missionaries that are going home talk and the whole mission comes).  

I really do enjoy being a missionary.  The adjustment hasn't been that bad and it is so much easier when I just follow all the rules and do what I am supposed to.  Its crazy how when we follow the rules we are blessed in every aspect of life.  Because God is a never-changing God this principle is true in non-mission life.  I challenge you all this week to try to recognize those little rules of God (also know as commandments) that we don't always pay attention to. D&C 62:3 about bearing testimony.  I've given you one, now try to find at least one more this week and follow it.

P-Day Basketball at the Church

Pizza for Lunch with

Elder Smith, Elder Cousin, Elder Saba, Elder Amoi

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