Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to get there from here???

So this week has been really good.  We didn't see a lot of success with our numbers but we saw a lot of success in things that we don't track.  There are so many less active members here.  Even members that have been through the temple together.  But this week we met a lot of less active families that are in our branch and some even came to church this week.  It was fantastic.  One young man had been less active for a long time but he came to church on Sunday and we are going to try to help him prepare to serve a mission.  Just that constitutes a successful week for me!  Another success is that we got a referral from one of the AP's.  So the way they the towns work here is super different.  They don't have addresses or anything.  There are towns and within a town are barangays.  There can be 20 different barangays within a town.  And inside the barangays are puroks.  The purok is basically just the street.  So when you ask where someone lives they will tell you the barangay and the purok number.  And then you just find someone in the purok and ask them where the families house is exactly.  So we received this referral from the AP and he all he gave us was San Isidro, Purok 2 and the family name.  We thought San Isidro was a barangay but really it is an entire town with 13 barangays.  So from this one referral, we found a whole new city that could become its own area.  It's super exciting! 

We went to Angadanan this morning to play football.  It was really fun because we had three zones playing.  We typically only have 2 zones.  Then we went to Santiago for Mcdo and Savemore, which is basically like a U.S. Supermarket its great and terrible at the same time because they have everything but it causes me to run out of money sooner than I should.

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