Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Conference was amazing!

So this week has been good.  Conference was amazing!  I listened to it all week and then we got to watch it on Saturday and Sunday.  Its kind of a hard thing for the people here because it was all in English and for most it is very hard to understand.  The Book of Mormon is also hard for them because the Tagalog that it is written in hasn't been used for a very long time and many of them don't know or understand the words they use.  One example, An investigator text us last week and said that she had found a word in the scriptures and didn't know what it was.  Elder Daluz didn't know it either so he had to look it up in the dictionary.  The word turned out to be trumpet.  She understood the English but the Tagalog was so deep that they couldn't understand.  I am so grateful for the blessings I have been given.  To have the word of god in my own understandable language and to be from a place where the Word of God is so readily available.  We are so blessed.

I love this gospel.  Its amazing!  It answers all the questions and gives hope and joy to all who live it.  We went to two separate funeral services last night.  I have no doubt that The Plan of Salvation is for each of us Individually and for our families.  It is true and if we follow it we can have peace.  Ultimate worldly peace may never come in our lifetimes but inner peace can by living the Gospel and using the Atonement.  I know this is true.

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