Sunday, March 31, 2013

News from the Mission office

The Cauayan Mission had 7 missionaries heading home this month and the very next day they had 24 coming from Provo MTC and the Manila MTC.  From the Carlos' blog it sounds like a new area was opened up.  It appears that this has caused extra work for the support team, got to love the senior couples...their work is equal to that of the young missionaries.   

This is from Pres and Sister Carlos' blog "This was the first time missionaries could fly in and out of Cauayan--that's right no more overnight bus trips!!! This became a reality when the MTCs finally came together and released our missionaries on Tuesday instead of Wednesday so that they could make the early morning Wed. flights. (We only have 3 flights a week into Cauayan.) So Sister Laker spent hours working on all the paperwork necessary for the flights".

Braden flew in to Manila along with the other Elder's from the Prove MTC, at that point they added the Missionaries that were being trained in the Manila MTC  and along with them had that all night bus ride to Cauayan. 8-10 hours in a addition to the long flight from the states.  What a blessing to have that last leg of the journey shortened. 

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