Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 29th Letter

Happy Monday, I have attached a picture of our apartment Its actually one of the nicest apartments in the mission.  It’s like a mansion here but it would be considered a starter home in the US...

We haven't heard anything about transfers yet.  Probably tomorrow.  We have our last interview with president tomorrow. 

Request: I want to hear mission stories from those who have gone. 

I've had the best week so far.  We had amazing grace activity in Santiago on Thursday and then a member of the area presidency came and had a devotional with us in Cauayan.  Elder Daluz and I went on a split Thursday night Braden because some of the elders from the far zones slept at our apartment so they wouldn't have to travel so far the next morning for the devotional.  I worked with an elder that used to be assigned in Echague and It was super rewarding because we found a bunch of new people.  I finally learned how to OYM (open your mouth) It’s essentially tracting.  But it has been pretty difficult for me but know I have the mind-set just to get it done!  It’s amazing.   Most people are pretty receptive.  We met one guy from Missouri.  Most of the wealthier people speak English as well, so the member of the area presidency told us that we should be teaching in English if we are teaching a wealthier person that understands.  So it was kind of interesting.

We have just had a lot of success in finding people to teach.  And we had 2 inactive families come to church.  It was awesome because they are both really good families that know all the answers they just needed to act.

To answer your question there aren't any monkies here in this area but they do have them here in the Philippines.  The Blood soup really isn't that bad.  We went to visit a member a few weeks ago and he was skinning live frogs.  That was disgusting...

I'm feeling good.  We have a goal to wake up at six and do some jogging and throwing a football around.  We already did it once and it helped a lot.  We try to eat healthy but it can be hard because we don't have a lot of time to cook.  But we do alright.  Elder Smith and I made Chicken Curry on Saturday, it was delicious.  We actually do walk a lot.  If we have time before appointments we always walk because it gives us time to oym.

I love you too.  Thank you for all your love and support!  

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