Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Skype Call

    We were able to Skype with Braden on Mother's Day...Everyone was here at the house, except Brent who couldn't come up for the weekend. (he was missed)  It was 6;30pm Sunday night here and 8:30am Monday morning there when we finally connected the call.  
    Lauren talked first to Braden seeing that she had to head back to Rexburg for her Monday morning classes.  She spoke to Braden for about 15 minutes and then said her goodbyes until Christmas and headed back to Idaho.
    Then I was next in line seeing that it was Mother's Day, I just couldn't get over how good Braden looked. He is truly in the missionary roll and is enjoying being in the Philippines and doing the Lords work.  Seeing his countenance on Skype gave me such peace of mind.  (it is always comforting to see your children truly happy)
    Bryce and Samantha were then passed the computer and they visited with Braden.  They told him of their plans about building a home in Herriman and about Baby Cousin (due in Sept)  Sam stood up and showed Braden that she is finally starting to look like she is expecting. 
    Then we turned the computer to Larisa and Colter... for their visit together, Colter was fascinated with watching Braden and I think that Braden was equally as fascinated watching Colter... it was quite sweet to watch the interaction between them.  
    Then it was Larry's turn. the two of them had a nice visit together,  Braden had is in stitches about some of the local custom...which I will not go into now, needless to say our Son is learning that the ways of doing things can work even if it isn't the way you learned to do it.  But when he gets home he will definitely be switching back to the way he learned it here in the U.S. 
    We had such a nice visit we all hated to see it come to an end... 
    After a few more questions and a few more goodbyes, we signed off.  I will tell you there were tears on this side of the world, but they didn't stay long because we know that Braden is doing a great work for our Heavenly Father's and his children in the Philippines and how can you be sad when you know he is engaged in doing good things. 

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