Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Dinner appt with Single Adults

So this week has been eventful,  on Monday I took it pretty easy because I still wasn't 
feeling 100%.
Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Cauayan but I had woke up with the biggest headache I have ever had before.  We went to Cauayan but a little over halfway through the meeting I had to step out and go lay down in the mission home because it hurt so bad.  It was so bad that it caused nausea.  There are these super sketchy vans here that are used as public transportation.  The ride from Cauayan to Echague is just under an hour.  The whole ride home I was praying "just let me get home, I really don't want to throw up here in the bus"  We made it home and I ended up sleeping until Thursday morning.  The rest of the week was pretty routine. 

 But the big news is that the AP's sent out the transfer list this morning and my name was on it.  So I am moving on to my second area on Wednesday.  We have farewell fireside tomorrow in Cauayan and then Transfer day on Wednesday so pretty crazy.  I gonna start cleaning up and packing later.  It's kinda weird but I'm ready to move areas.  

Happy Fathers day!  I have the best dad in the world.  And an awesome brother and brother-in-law.  That are now fathers as well.  You guys are awesome.

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