Monday, July 29, 2013

Cauayan Mission is Growing

So I'm getting transferred...

President Rahlf's letter today said that there are 28 new missionaries coming in and 8 new areas being opened.  It’s the biggest transfer ever to occur in this mission.  So it’s exciting.  The sad thing is we don't really have time to visit the members in our area because they live so far away.  We are leaving tomorrow morning at 7 am to go to departure devotional and we won’t be back until late. Then we are leaving early again Wednesday morning for transfers.   I won't know where I will be until Wednesday afternoon so I will let you know in next week letter. Elder Juco has been good teacher I have realized the importance of becoming unified with your companion.  Everything runs a lot more smoothly if both companions are focused on their purpose and not on other things.  I truly did learn that if you are doing missionary work just for the numbers then it won't be near as effective as if it is for people. Numbers are great, as missionaries we need to work, but if a visit would be more effective than a lesson then we have the power to just do a visit. In Echague I was more focused on getting out and teaching teaching teaching.  Here I have realized that sometimes teaching isn't always the best route.  The missionary purpose doesn't say teach people it says invite.  There are so many different ways to invite others and the best one is to show them love.

That is cool that you got to hear Tagalog.  It’s weird right?  Sometimes it amazes me that I know this weird language that I didn't know 9 months ago.  I've had some cool experiences lately where I haven't had to translate in my head.  It felt like we were speaking English together.  It is a really cool feeling.

Well I love you all and will talk to you next week.

 I just got a call from President Rahlf.  I will be a District Leader this next cycle.  My hands are still shaking a little bit.  Ha-ha this should be fun... :)

Bambang Zone before July 31st Transfers

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