Friday, July 5, 2013

Trekking Through The Bukid

Bukid: Rice Fields

Elder Juco and his dew-rag
I love Aritao

So we ended up trying to visit a less active family.  The only thing is that they live literally in the middle of the biggest rice field I have ever seen.  We walked probably a half mile on the little grass covered pathways between each field.  It was super awesome and we were laughing the whole time because the situation was just so cool (only in The Philippines).  I fell in a little bit because sometimes the pathway turns into mud and you have to jump across these big gaps onto a path that is less than a foot wide.  We finally got to the families house to find out that the parents were out working in the bukid (rice fields).  I'm super excited to go back and visit them again.  Everyday is an adventure in the Philippines.

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