Monday, July 8, 2013

Un-Wanted House Guest

So I'm a little late.  Elder Juco was sick today so we didn't have the opportunity to go to the computer shop and email.  Good thing we have really nice neighbors.  The ZL's just told me to email at their house. So here I am. 

We did get the new mission president.  He is awesome.  They are going around the entire mission and interview every missionary within the first two weeks .  So we met him on Friday.  They seem super awesome.  A lot like president Carlos actually.  There are definitely differences but I'm excited to work with him.  

 We had a slow week this week but next week will be better.  Something that President Rahlf includes in all his emails is "All is Well"  I would like to adopt it.  All is Well here in the Philippines.
 We found a "house snake" in our apartment the other day.  The aren't poisonous.  It is the equivalent of a garden snake but it was just chillin in our kitchen so we promptly killed it.

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