Monday, August 5, 2013

New Area, New Companion

Alright so I'm in a new area.  The area is Aurora.  It is in the Roxas Zone and it is one of the closest branches to Cauayan.  It is a really nice area.  My companion is Elder Dionisio.  He has about six months left.  He is from Venezuela City which is a part of Manila.  His English is really good so we typically just speak English.  He is a really hard worker, I have already learned so much.  He is really good at making people comfortable and working smarter and harder.  We get along really well.  We are  getting up every morning to play basketball.  I'm losing a little bit of weight which is good.  

The apartment we live in also is the home of many insects.  One night we came home and killed 6 cockroaches and 1 tarantula.  It is always an adventure in the Philippines.  Derek Robinson emailed me today.  He said somebody in their ward is coming to Cauayan.  That's exciting.  I told him to have him email me if he had any questions.  

Alright so something pretty cool happened.  Elder Dionisio and I were talking about requesting to get our area split because there are so many less active members that we just can't contact.  The next day we got a text from one of the senior couples.  It said start looking for an apartment in your area, President Rahlf wants to add a companionship of sisters to your area.  So its pretty cool how the Lord knows what needs to happen and when it needs to happen.

So my district is Myself, Elder Dionisio, A companionship of sisters and the Zone Leaders.  Super Super small.  But we should have at least 4 more missionaries next cycle if I am still here. 

Helaman 3:29  it talks about crossing the gulf of misery.  Even as members or as people that follow the commandments sometimes we will be effected by the gulf of misery our job though is to endure to the end or enjoy to the end.  Things will happen, the world will take its toll on all of us but we have to trust in the Lord and just keep moving forward.

That has been my week.  I hope you all have a good one.  I love you all!

These were our neighbors in Aritao, they are the nicest people;
 they made us breakfast the morning of transfers

This is Elder Needs.  He was an AP that went home last week.  We got pretty close 
and his Brother is actually serving in Salt Lake City South mission right now.

(in our new apartment) 
One night we came home and killed 6 cockroaches and 1 tarantula. 
 It is always an adventure in the Philippines

This is part of the Branch, plus one of the zone leaders

We had a baptism! Me.Sister Venus, and Elder Dionisio

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