Monday, September 9, 2013

It's been a funny week

Aurora Zone before Transfers

So this week has been really funny.  We had some very funny experiences that just made us laugh outrageously.   The first was on a tricy.  Elder Dionisio and I are both pretty big guys and typically one of us rides on the back of the motorcycle and the other goes inside the cab.  During this particular instance that option was not available because someone was already on the back of the bike.  So we squeezed into the cab.  The driver looked at the cab and did a few double-takes and then grabbed the compressed air and started filling up the tire... 

The next story is even funnier.  We went to a less-active family in our area.  It is super far.  We walk for probably an hour just to get to their house.  We have to walk through a corn field and around a canal.  The only way for them to get to church is to walk or they have a bicycle with a little wooden side car.  They don't come to church very often but when they do it is like Christmas.  So we had just finished teaching them and were leaving when it started to rain.  We decided to keep going and the rain got progressively worse.  We only had one small umbrella and it was barely working because the rain was so hard.  There was a calf in the middle of the path that we were walking on and Elder Dionisio kind of avoided it.  I told him not to worry because it was only a calf.  It then started to chase us for at least 50 yards.  Every time we would look back it would put its head down like it wanted to head-butt us.  I couldn't breathe because I was laughing so hard.  It finally lost interest and we stopped at little store to wait out the storm.  It only lasted a few minutes.  The cow was white and Elder Dionisio  commented that the cow probably thought I was its father because I am so white.  

Elder Dionisio has been a great companion.  He has taught me many things including how to love people.  So he is getting transferred and I will find out who my new comp is on Wednesday.  I am staying in Aurora.  The area is not being split until October so I will have another 6 weeks here maybe more. 

Elder Dionisio after rainstorm

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