Monday, September 16, 2013

New Companion fresh from the MTC


Another week has flown by.  So we went to transfers on Wednesday.  I think I was like the second to last person to get a companion so the wait was agonizing.  When it finally came I heard, "Elder Cousin's new companion, fresh from MTC is Elder Franzuela."  So I'm training again. He is from Samar.    This elder is from a part of the country where the modern world doesn't exist.  Tagalog is his second language so its alright but still kind of mixed.   In the past week I have grown to love this Elder.  He is simple and humble and willing to follow without question.  The simplest things I took for granted before, I have now learned to appreciate.  I I taught him how to use the gas stove last night.  The first lesson he said he just wanted to share his testimony and have me teach but I have learned that he is good at teaching.  I am still district leader but I've gotten used to it so it isn't too much of a stress.  

Last thing.  I've learned to love the Liahona (magazine)  We get a copy as a companionship each month.  I typically blow through it in a couple days but one article struck me this month.  It is for youth but it applies to us all.  Here is the link. Read it and see if you could be doing more to support and follow these latter day servants of God.

Love you all,

Elder Franzuela (my second new kid)

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