Monday, October 14, 2013

Category 3 Storm and Conference

So this week has been crazy.  The work has been very sparse because we had so many other things.  We went to Ilagan on Wednesday to get fingerprinted.  It was a pain but if we didn't do it we would be deported, so I guess it was kind of important.  We didn't have any work on Wednesday because Ilagan is far.  Then on Friday they told us that a category 3 storm was coming and that we needed to watch out.  They told us that it was going to hit Bambang so we didn't worry too much because we are super far from Bambang.  So we worked until about 6 pm and then our Branch President told us to go home because the storm was starting to pick up.  So Friday we barely had any work and then on Saturday we had Conference and there were 5 baptisms in my district so after conference we went to the baptisms.  So pretty much our work didn't happen this week but conference was really good.   I really wanted to send you some pictures but I have an auto-run virus on my memory card and it doesn't want to send them.  I actually took a lot of pictures too.  So maybe later if I still have time and am able to remove the virus...  Internet Cafes are so annoying...  So the storm didn't really affect us until Sunday Morning.  We weren't in any danger.  We woke up on Sunday morning and walked to Centro in order to go to the District Center for conference but we soon found out that our whole Centro had flooded in the night.  There was like 2 feet of water in some places.  It was crazy.  The streets had turned into rivers.  Our house wasn't affected at all except for the leaks in the ceiling.  

Today was the first experience cleaning a Filipino restroom.  We bought some Hydrochloric Acid and turned our black restroom into a white restroom.  It was amazing.  I actually enjoy using it now.  

Our new investigators are doing great.  They still haven't quite found the truth but they are actively seeking for it.  We asked how The Book of Mormon was and she told us that she had started reading 1st Nephi.  We had just committed them to read the introduction first.  So at least sister has a desire to find out if it is true.  We had a lesson with our Investigator Glenford 9 and his cousin Catherine 8.  Catherine is just sitting in on the lessons and then they will both be baptized at the end of the month.  Their questions yesterday were awesome.  One asked why prophets are important and the other asked why prayer is important.  They are still really young but they have an honest desire to learn.  
Oh and by the way today is my 11 month mark. Yay.  It has been so quick.  

Conference was great.  The talks were different tone to them but very applicable for the problems of the day.  I realized how far I have come and how far I still have to go.  But there will always be room for improvement.  

Thank you for all your love and support.  I have the best family every and I know that this church is true.
Elder Cousin
Watching General Conference Filipino Style :-)

Flooding in Centro from Category 3 Storm

2 feet of standing water

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