Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The work is going great!

 Hello all,

We had a really good week this week.  We focus a lot on less active members in this area because there are so many of them  The sacrament attendance is typically around 60.  So we have a lot of less active work.   Our investigator pool was depleted so we set aside 4 hours on Friday just to find new investigators. Thursday night the zone leaders called and said that they  organize a split with us on Friday.  So Friday afternoon we went out and just started talking to people on the street, in their houses, at the market, everywhere.  We found 14 people and have 5 return appointments.  One is actually later today. It was awesome the appointment we have later today, when we talked to her the first time and gave her a pamphlet, she actually started reading it right away.  So we are excited to follow-up.

I am super excited to see conference but here we don't get to see it until the week after.  I can't wait though.  Its like the super bowl for missionaries.

I had a cool experience yesterday.  It was fifth Sunday yesterday so things were combined.  The youth teacher wasn't at church and the sister that was supposed to teach said that she really wasn't prepared
and asked me to teach.  No manual, no topic, nothing.  So before the prayer I had no idea what to teach.  I did some pondering and prayer and when the prayer was over I got up and taught an understandable lesson.  Everybody was involved, answering questions, and made comments.  It was one of those moments where you could noticeably see the hand of The Lord.  There is no way I could have done that in my first area.  I would always let the fear get to me but now the fear is gone and because of that The Lord can use our faith   It is nice to see some progress.

Thank you for all your love and support.  I have the best family in the world.  There are so many families here that have not been sealed and they don't understand why it is important.  I'm so very glad that I know why it is important and that I will be able to be with my family forever.

Elder Cousin and Elder Franzuela

Sept. Zone Conference

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