Monday, November 11, 2013

Anticipated Letter after Typhoon Haiyan

Hello Everyone,

This is probably the most anticipated letter I have sent so far.  To answer all your questions.  We were not affected at all.  It rained a little.  That's it.  Elder Nielson the area president was doing a mission tour this week in Cauayan.  He gave an awesome talk and did a question and answer session.  One thing he said that should put your minds at ease was that the missionaries in the field are our and the first presidencies first priority when a disaster hits.  He said after any disaster he gets a text from the first presidency, asking where the missionaries are at.  If they can't account for everyone, they go in to get them.  As of right now there are 75 missionaries unaccounted for, however they are presumed safe.  They have not been able to reestablish contact yet however they are sending people in to establish contact with the mission president.  Isabela is super far from pretty much everything.  Don't worry unless you hear Isabela, and even if you do hear it, don't worry.  Elder Franzuela is from Nothern Samar which is kind of close to where it hit but his family is alright.  

We had a good week with zone conference.  Super Spiritual.  We found a family that is interested in investigating.  They are awesome.  They weren't able to come to church but they are coming to an FHE later tonight.  Uh...  I don't really have anything super inspiring to say...

I discovered hot showers again this week.  I got sick of freezing to death every morning so I started boiling water to shower with.  It was glorious. 

The work is still going great.  I realized this week how short our time is to make the decisions Heavenly Father wants us to make.  Our investigators were not able to come to church and it reinforced to me that if we will act now, we will receive that blessings now.  Super simple.  But on the flip-side if we do not act now we may have to wait for another chance to act and also to receive the blessings.

Here are two new Mormon Messages.  They are amazing!
Note: Sorry I can't seem to make the link work but wanted to include these in Braden Blog because they are so good...write them down and view when you can

Found Joy this week, it is all about the simple things!

Looking over the Bukid

Pretty Sunset over the Bukid with Elder Franzuela

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