Monday, December 2, 2013

No Turkey for me this year!

So I’m not dying or anything.  The sickness I had was just a cold that lingered. I feel better now.  I am actually emailing from Echague.  Elder Franzuela had some teeth that needed some work so we got approval to come to the dentist here.  We had a good Thanksgiving.  The Turkey here isn't good from everything I've heard so we bought some beef at the market and did a barbecued roast.  It tasted really good.  I woke up Friday morning not feeling very well and threw up a few times.  I think the meat we bought was bad...  But I am fine now.  I feel good, I'm happy, I'm getting healthier. :)

So when we had interviews with President a few weeks ago, he said that it was likely that I would be transferred because I have been in Aurora 3 cycles.  The transfer list came today,  I'm staying in Aurora  So I will be in Aurora for Christmas.  Um so that is what the next cycle is going to hold.  I really do love my area so that won’t be a problem.  

 I will let you know how the transfer turns out next week.  I love you all so much!

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  1. We decided that we had better drop in your blog spot every so often so we can find out what is going on with you. It sounds like you had an interesting Thanksgiving. We find things different... even here in Canada. We have to laugh because a BIG turkey here looks like a cornish hen.
    We are driving missionaries for transfers here tomorrow in the snow. We will be thinking of you.
    Take care Elder Cousin. We love you lots.
    Elder and Sister Robinson


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