Monday, December 9, 2013

Staying in this area one more transfer at least :-)

So this week...  We had transfers.  My new companion is Elder Rivera we entered the MTC at the same time but he went to Manila.  He is from Cavite, Philippines.

This story showed up in our mission newsletter for December:

"For 11 years there has been a missionary house in one of the areas here in Philippines Cauayan Mission that happens to be right next to the missionaries’ landlord. This landlord and their family have seen the missionaries for years go in and out of the house next door. Occasionally they would talk to each other, which eventually became a gradual friendship as the missionaries passed by every day. Several sets of missionaries had attempted to teach them and had got through a few lessons. However, in reality they were only trying to be friendly neighbors and showed no progression.

Just recently the missionaries decided it would be good to invite the family to Family Week. They agreed and actually showed up that day. It just so happened to be that President and Sister Rahlf had been invited to speak on families. The next week the father of the family shared with the missionaries how touched he was about the message he heard on families and thought of his own family. Even though they were well off he felt a lack of purpose in his own family and wanted to learn more.

They soon invited the missionaries over to have them expound what they heard on Family Week. Before the father was baptized he thought about what Joseph Smith did to receive an answer and did the same. He went up on the nearby mountain, where he was alone, and prayed to know. After his prayer he felt the Spirit so strong he started to tear up and had his own Sacred Grove experience as God testified to him of the truth he had come to know.  Lesson after lesson he intently listened to the missionaries with his family and they accepted all the commitments given. After talking with his wife they decided to be baptized together and now enjoy the blessings of the gospel.  We never know who around us is being prepared by the Lord."

This great experience is from Aritao.  The father drives the missionaries up for transfer meeting each cycle.  He found me last week at transfer meeting and in the most humble way, he told me that he had been baptized.  He was beaming from ear to ear.  Two of his three children will be baptized before Christmas and the third is actively going to church but hasn't had time for the lessons yet.  This family is awesome.

I had a opportunity to listen to President Rahlf talk about the consequences of sin.  He gave some very enlightening points.  One of the things that he said is that we can become completely clean from our sins however, repentance does not always remove the consequences.  The consequences remain sometimes indefinitely as a reminder to live the commandments.  He then explained why it is so important to follow the commandments the first time and every time.  Because the consequences can be avoided forever if we follow. 
This is the family that was baptized Aritao

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