Monday, January 27, 2014

Lessons don't come all at once but they do come

Good Afternoon/Morning,

How is everyone doing today?  This week has been good.  We had a leadership training in Cauayan on Wednesday so we spent 3 hours on a bus each way.  We do that at least once a month.  So I guess I will get used to it sooner or later.  We had a good week of work.  We were able to go on some splits with members to get some more lessons.  On the split yesterday we walked forever and ever and followed up with a family that we contacted a few days previously,  It was an interesting lesson.  They are devoted Catholic but were very willing to listen and participate in the lesson.  We are focused on finding this week.  It is kinda hard because the previous zone leaders were very hard working but we are having some success.  I got an email from Mike Madsen and Derek.  They were both unexpected surprises.  Chris and Shelly sent a Christmas package with sweets and trinkets. I'll send them an email but if you get the opportunity to thank them for me that would be great.  It was great! I wasn't expecting it at all.  

I have had some really cool experiences with the scriptures this week.  I have been humbled many times.  I have been out here a while and I feel like I should know it all by know but I'm still learning and growing. Lessons don't come all at once but they do come.  And the more willing we are to learn the more we will learn. I have had to put my pride aside many times.  I haven't completely removed it yet but I learning.  So I guess the lesson this week is never stop learning.  

I hope everyone gets feeling better and has a phenomenal week.

Monday, January 20, 2014

New Area New Companion

How is everyone doing?  Last week feels like forever ago.  I am emailing from Bambang (my new area).  I was transferred and my new companion is Elder Samar.  He was my ZL in my first cycle in Aurora.  He is awesome. However his two years are up.  This is his last cycle so I will have a new companion in five weeks.  We get along great and I am feeling better.  I still have a little cough but that this probably just because it has been so cold lately.  Bambang is in the mountains so it gets colder.  We hit 50 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday morning.  We had a good week.  The people down here are awesome.  We have investigators that actually read the Book of Mormon.  It is fantastic.  The work is great.  

We had a lunch appointment on Saturday with the first counselor in the branch and he asked me to be the concluding speaker in sacrament.  So I spoke in sacrament my first week.  It went alright.

So I love you all and hope you all have a great week.
New Companion Elder Samar

Monday, January 13, 2014


So I told you that I have been sick.  I am feeling better, I ended up with walking pneumonia and that is why I keep getting sick.  Went to the Dr. and on a lot of medication.   The transfer list came this morning.  I am being transferred.   I don't know where I am going yet.   I'll let you know next week. 

We had a couple really good days before I got sick but then we weren't even able to leave the house.  The entire branch came over to the apartment on Sunday to administer the sacrament.  I don't think they realized it only had to be two priesthood holders.  It was good though. The branch is learning to work together; it has been nice to witness.

I don't really have any news.  I have started to read The Book of Mormon strictly in Tagalog.  I'm trying to strengthen the language in the next few months.  I am fluent but there is always room for improvement

Monday, January 6, 2014

Transfers are around the corner

Another week has flown by.  We had a lock down for new year's because alcohol and fireworks don't mix well.  It was fun though.  I then proceeded to get sick so I was out for a few days.  So that is pretty much all that happened this week.  haha  We are planning to get a lot done this week.  I am feeling a lot better now.  We got up and played basketball this morning and it felt really good to get some exercise.  I haven't gotten any recipes yet but I have gotten some ideas.   Elder Maloney and I made an Indian Chicken Curry this week.  It was delicious.  Filipinos have curry but it is typically sweet.  We made a spicy one.  I bought a bunch of spices and am super excited to use them.  I miss your kitchen.  I never worried if we had the right ingredients.  

To answer Dad's question about what language we speak.  The simple answer is that it depends on my companion and my mood.  If my companion speaks to me in English I will respond in English but if other Filipinos talk to me in English I respond in Tagalog.  President Carlos was great at "Only in the Philippines" jokes.  There are many that have to do with English in the Philippines.  Everyone want to learn English but only a tiny percent actually want to put in the time to actually learn it.  Example:  When we roasted the pig, Elder Maloney and I went out to search for a place to buy fire-wood.  We started asking around.  We used perfectly correct Tagalog.  Everybody looked at us like we were nuts.  So we just said fire-wood in English and they directed us to the correct place. .  You might think that is an isolated experience.  That happens almost everyday.  In any other country the people would be thrilled that you learned their language.  In the Philippines nobody cares.

We set some really awesome goals this week because the last 3 weeks have just been hectic.  We are going to make the last week of this cycle the best.  Jairo the 16 year old came back from Manila last night pretty late so we are going to try and goal a baptismal date for the start of next cycle.