Monday, January 27, 2014

Lessons don't come all at once but they do come

Good Afternoon/Morning,

How is everyone doing today?  This week has been good.  We had a leadership training in Cauayan on Wednesday so we spent 3 hours on a bus each way.  We do that at least once a month.  So I guess I will get used to it sooner or later.  We had a good week of work.  We were able to go on some splits with members to get some more lessons.  On the split yesterday we walked forever and ever and followed up with a family that we contacted a few days previously,  It was an interesting lesson.  They are devoted Catholic but were very willing to listen and participate in the lesson.  We are focused on finding this week.  It is kinda hard because the previous zone leaders were very hard working but we are having some success.  I got an email from Mike Madsen and Derek.  They were both unexpected surprises.  Chris and Shelly sent a Christmas package with sweets and trinkets. I'll send them an email but if you get the opportunity to thank them for me that would be great.  It was great! I wasn't expecting it at all.  

I have had some really cool experiences with the scriptures this week.  I have been humbled many times.  I have been out here a while and I feel like I should know it all by know but I'm still learning and growing. Lessons don't come all at once but they do come.  And the more willing we are to learn the more we will learn. I have had to put my pride aside many times.  I haven't completely removed it yet but I learning.  So I guess the lesson this week is never stop learning.  

I hope everyone gets feeling better and has a phenomenal week.

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