Monday, January 20, 2014

New Area New Companion

How is everyone doing?  Last week feels like forever ago.  I am emailing from Bambang (my new area).  I was transferred and my new companion is Elder Samar.  He was my ZL in my first cycle in Aurora.  He is awesome. However his two years are up.  This is his last cycle so I will have a new companion in five weeks.  We get along great and I am feeling better.  I still have a little cough but that this probably just because it has been so cold lately.  Bambang is in the mountains so it gets colder.  We hit 50 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday morning.  We had a good week.  The people down here are awesome.  We have investigators that actually read the Book of Mormon.  It is fantastic.  The work is great.  

We had a lunch appointment on Saturday with the first counselor in the branch and he asked me to be the concluding speaker in sacrament.  So I spoke in sacrament my first week.  It went alright.

So I love you all and hope you all have a great week.
New Companion Elder Samar

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