Monday, January 13, 2014


So I told you that I have been sick.  I am feeling better, I ended up with walking pneumonia and that is why I keep getting sick.  Went to the Dr. and on a lot of medication.   The transfer list came this morning.  I am being transferred.   I don't know where I am going yet.   I'll let you know next week. 

We had a couple really good days before I got sick but then we weren't even able to leave the house.  The entire branch came over to the apartment on Sunday to administer the sacrament.  I don't think they realized it only had to be two priesthood holders.  It was good though. The branch is learning to work together; it has been nice to witness.

I don't really have any news.  I have started to read The Book of Mormon strictly in Tagalog.  I'm trying to strengthen the language in the next few months.  I am fluent but there is always room for improvement

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