Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh Happy Day


Hello everyone!  How is everyone doing?  This week was awesome because we had baptisms!   Sister Vanessa and Neslie got baptized.  Vanessa is the mom, Her husband is a less-active member.   Elder Samar and his last comp found her and left a Book of Mormon with her.  This was all back in December and now she and her daughter are baptized members.  They have been the greatest investigators.  They always have great questions and they share their experiences with us about living the gospel.  We have a few more investigators with dates but not until march. 

We have quarterly interviews tomorrow in Solano with president.  And hopefully we will have time to do lunch in Solano as well.  There is a really great restaurant there that has pizza and pasta and baguettes and other delicious food that cannot be found in this country.  Back when John's son was here Bambang and Solano were all one zone.

The weeks have gone by super-fast.  Elder Samar goes home in two weeks.  It’s good that things go by fast but you feel like you don't get anything done.  But that is what everyone has said the second year feels like.  I guess I better get used to it before it slips by.

Love you all and have a great presidents day weekend.

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