Monday, March 17, 2014

The work is what you make it

So it has been a good week.  Bangal and I have just had a lot of fun proselyting and we have found some awesome people and have been able to meet and even exceed our goals.  Its really funny one of us will randomly say something and the other one will be thinking the exact same thing.  That happens multiple times a day.  The hardest decision we have had so far is what to do on p-day because neither of us want to be pushy, everything else we are completely in-sync.    Bangal was born in Manila but lives in San Pablo mission.  He was the first 18 year old missionary in Cauayan mission and he just hit his year mark.  His last name means something dirty in Ilocano and so people always chuckle when they hear his last name.

It is starting to get hot.  It is definitely summer but its all good.  Its at the point where it is fairly cold at night and fairly hot during the day.  

One of the things I learned this week had to do with finding. Finding is definitely one of my weaknesses.  No one every really wants to listen to us and if they do listen they first time, then they hide the second time.  But Bangal and I were determined to meet our standard.  So we talked to everyone including children (its not creepy in the Philippines).  The Cool thing is that not everyone was golden but there were many that were.  I feel like we were blessed with willing people not because we found willing people but because we talked to everyone.  One cool experience was that we were walking to one of our far areas and we walked past a funeral home.  We both noticed a lady that looked super sad.  Bangal and I looked at each other and turned around to go and talk to her.  At the start she wanted nothing to do with us but she eventually opened up and found out that her nephew was killed in an accident, and she was the one responsible for taking care of affairs.  We shortly explained the Plan of Salvation and she seemed to be cheered up a little bit.  We asked where she lived and it happened to be in the sisters area.  They have not been able to follow-up yet but just seeing how a 5 minute conversation brightened a persons terrible day was really good to see.

So that was pretty much my week.  Miracles are happening and the work is getting better.  We have a baptism on Saturday.  I'll send pictures. 

Happiness is doing the Lord's work

Elder Bangal chillin

Trapped a RAT in our apartment

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