Monday, June 30, 2014

FHE activity and Transfer on the Horizon

This is gonna be a short one.  We did see blessings this week.  It was still really hard but the blessings were there

I am being transferred.  We will find out tomorrow night.  Then transfer day is on Wednesday.  I have to pack... This will probably be my last transfer pack! :)

Overall it has been a good week.  I still don't feel like I am being transferred but I guess that is how it goes.  

Elder Opalda has been a really good companion.  I have learned a lot from him.

I love you all!  

You guys are awesome and I hope you are doing great!

Elder Cousin accidentally smacked Elder Opalda with his umbrella

What a view

Family Home Evening with Sister Missionaries and Branch Members



Monday, June 23, 2014

Just keep walking, Just keep walking :-)

This week was interesting.  It was definitely the hardest week of my mission.  Everyone we were teaching just disappeared.  There was one day where we went to 18 different people, none of them were available.  We just walked in circles.  It was super hard, however yesterday we went to an area that we had gotten approval to go to because it is in a completely different area.  It was super far but almost everyone we talked to were members of our branch.  It was super effective.  We felt like we were in Candyland!  I love the branch here.

 Even thought this week has been hard i have felt  very blessed this week.  It is hard to explain but I feel like I have grown as a missionary and a  person this week. 
Elder Opalda and Elder Cousin