Monday, June 9, 2014

Snippets of hope

We had a good week.  We went to Cauayan on Wednesday for our leadership meeting.  We are going again on Friday for splits.  So it will be a busy week.  Our investigators are getting closer to baptism.   I love all of our investigators.

We walked so much this week.  I wouldn't be surprised if we walked over 20 miles this week.  We weren't blessed in the ways that we thought we would be but we were blessed.  

I had many awesome experiences this week.  They all related to hope in some way. After much prompting from the Holy Ghost, I realized that I had become discouraged about the work and forgotten my purpose.  Heavenly Father didn't push me into remembrance but gave me little snippets of hope.  I realized that I was not remembering him enough.  I have realized on my mission that I really do have a terrible memory and that I need to write everything down, especially revelation.  So I have started to keep a journal more faithfully.

I know that no one is perfect but if we remember him all the time (like we covenanted to do) he will give us more and more until we reach perfection.

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