Monday, July 28, 2014

Meat ;-) Eat and Greet

This week was good!  We were super busy but we had some really good lessons.  I found out this week that I really like working with investigators concerns.  In general, Filipinos are shy and so if they bring a concern out it typically means that you are doing something right.  We have had lots of questions this week and I have truly felt the Holy Ghost helping us answer these questions.  One example was on Monday night.  We were teaching a family about prophets and the Fathers had a question "How do prophets become prophets?"  We tried to explain it but it didn't seem like it was sticking with him but something cool happened.  The story of Moses came to mind. Side note: I love teaching people that have a background in the bible.  We opened up Genesis and explained straight from the bible that prophets are called when God has a work to do.  This just seemed to satisfy him. 
Another experience is for teaching about the gospel to actually connect the doctrine to an actual life rather than just pure doctrine.  My teaching has changed because of it.  The gospel is meant to be applied.  We can "learn" the principles but if we don't live and apply it we will never "know" the true doctrine as it was meant for all of us. Oh and we had investigators come to church!  Oh happy day!

 So I forgot to include this in my letter.  I did a burger challenge last week.  It is  a 1 lb. burger.  They give you 13 minutes to finish.  

 I was able to do it in 9:26.  Success!


If you don't finish it, it costs 500 pesos (12 dollars) if you do finish it, it is free!  So it was like I got 4 burgers for free!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello from Hurricane Alley! :)

First off, please don't worry.  It is hurricane season but precautions have taken place.  We are working on 72 hour kits and emergency preparedness plans. So don't worry.  

We had a really good week.  We found lots of new people to teach.  We had zone conference about the restoration.  I really want to study the restoration more in depth so I have decided to read the Doctrine & Covenants.  

Last week we taught a lesson to a less-active member.  He told us that in his opinion The Book of Mormon wasn't inspired and that the first vision was just craziness.  It made me a little mad but the overwhelming feeling was that of disappointment.  He had known it at some point but hadn't taken care of the knowledge he had been given.  So kind of a sad experience but maybe his time will come again. 

Other than that it was a really good week.  
Elder Masacayan

Apartment in Gosi

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July Zone Conference

Zone Pictionary

draw a picture from topic taught in Morning session

Pres. Rahlf cheering on the troops

South Tuguegarao Zone

April, May, and June Birthdays
Sister Watson, Elder Cousin SUU friends serving in the same mission

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

From Mission Home

Note about typhoon Glenda (Rammasum)

I just wanted to post a note about the Typhoon Glenda that is hitting parts of the Philippines right now.  Our mission is not severely affected.  The weather here is a normal, stormy day with wind and rain.  The worst of the storm is much further south and will pass over the Metro Manilla area before heading back out to sea.

We ask that you please remember those that are in the storm's path, though, and keep them in your prayers.  Thank you--

Monday, July 14, 2014

The work is moving forward

This was a really good week.  We had MLC on Wednesday.  This new zone is closer to Cauayan than Bambang was however, it was still an all day tripl.  We had Zone Conference tomorrow in Ilagan. 

This week we have seen many many blessings.  We found/stumbled upon 5 new investigators.  They have so much potential.  We found families and they are prepared.  One thing that we have been focusing on is a gated community in our area.  It is a really nice community (basically America).  They are fairly strict about letting people in but we believe there is a possibility.  We talked to the guard one night and he said we just need to talk to the office.  So the next day we went to the office, they sent us to the property manager.  The property manager we talked to wasn't actually the real property manager but we gave her a pamphlet and got to know her. She gave us the number of the real property manager and the name of the HOA President.  She told us that we have to submit a letter of intent to the HOA.  we have asked the mission secretary to write one on church letterhead and then have President Rahlf sign it.  We will pick it up tomorrow and deliver it on Thursday.  We haven't really seen any fruit from these efforts but we are excited to try.  Then on Sunday, we found out that our branch president has a cousin that lives in the complex.  We are going to visit him on Saturday.  Things just seemed to come together without a whole lot of work from us.  

One last cool experience is that on Saturday we had just arrived at an area that has some really nice houses when Elder Bangal called and said they needed to drop some stuff off at our apartment.  So we turned around and waited for them to come by.  We were trying to find in that area but didn't have an opportunity.   This morning I was working out at the apartment and Masacayan started talking to a lady working in the lot next to us through the fence.  It turns out that the lady had seen us walking in that area on Saturday and wanted to call us over but was too shy.  She invited us over on Thursday to teach her family and gave us a bunch of bananas. The Lord Really Does Provide.

So that is basically my week in review.  Thank you for all that you do.  I love you all!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Transfer and Baptism

 Happy 4th of July

My new area is called Gosi (go-see).  My new companion is Elder Masacayan.  He is Elder Opalda's trainee so we are just keeping it in the family.  He goes home in March so he is just a few months after me.  The new area is awesome.  I'm on the edge of a a real city.  We have like people and stores and hotels and more people.  Tuguegarao is split into two stakes so I am in the south stake but we are really close to northern border. So on Wednesday I took a 7 hour bus ride from the farthest south zone (Bambang) to the farthest north zone. There is one more mission above us Laog Mission but it is a fairly small mission.  Elder Opalda is still in Bambang.  This is his last cycle.  We had a baptism on Saturday so there are some pictures up now.

Um...I am really excited about this area.  It has been taken really good care of by the previous missionaries.   We just have a meetinghouse but it is full to the brim.  The next Manila Temple President lives in our area.  He will become the temple president in November so hopefully I will be able to see him there. :) 

This was written by him in the Ensign

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Previous Companion heading home

Elder Juco cutting of the tie


Elder Juzgaya, Elder Bundy, Elder Woodruff, Elder Hawlader, Elder Juco, Elder Bentancourt
Sister Fugaban, Sister Obnias, Sister Suaybaguio, Sister Barril, Sister Rantayo, Sister Maestrado