Monday, July 28, 2014

Meat ;-) Eat and Greet

This week was good!  We were super busy but we had some really good lessons.  I found out this week that I really like working with investigators concerns.  In general, Filipinos are shy and so if they bring a concern out it typically means that you are doing something right.  We have had lots of questions this week and I have truly felt the Holy Ghost helping us answer these questions.  One example was on Monday night.  We were teaching a family about prophets and the Fathers had a question "How do prophets become prophets?"  We tried to explain it but it didn't seem like it was sticking with him but something cool happened.  The story of Moses came to mind. Side note: I love teaching people that have a background in the bible.  We opened up Genesis and explained straight from the bible that prophets are called when God has a work to do.  This just seemed to satisfy him. 
Another experience is for teaching about the gospel to actually connect the doctrine to an actual life rather than just pure doctrine.  My teaching has changed because of it.  The gospel is meant to be applied.  We can "learn" the principles but if we don't live and apply it we will never "know" the true doctrine as it was meant for all of us. Oh and we had investigators come to church!  Oh happy day!

 So I forgot to include this in my letter.  I did a burger challenge last week.  It is  a 1 lb. burger.  They give you 13 minutes to finish.  

 I was able to do it in 9:26.  Success!


If you don't finish it, it costs 500 pesos (12 dollars) if you do finish it, it is free!  So it was like I got 4 burgers for free!

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