Monday, July 7, 2014

Transfer and Baptism

 Happy 4th of July

My new area is called Gosi (go-see).  My new companion is Elder Masacayan.  He is Elder Opalda's trainee so we are just keeping it in the family.  He goes home in March so he is just a few months after me.  The new area is awesome.  I'm on the edge of a a real city.  We have like people and stores and hotels and more people.  Tuguegarao is split into two stakes so I am in the south stake but we are really close to northern border. So on Wednesday I took a 7 hour bus ride from the farthest south zone (Bambang) to the farthest north zone. There is one more mission above us Laog Mission but it is a fairly small mission.  Elder Opalda is still in Bambang.  This is his last cycle.  We had a baptism on Saturday so there are some pictures up now.

Um...I am really excited about this area.  It has been taken really good care of by the previous missionaries.   We just have a meetinghouse but it is full to the brim.  The next Manila Temple President lives in our area.  He will become the temple president in November so hopefully I will be able to see him there. :) 

This was written by him in the Ensign

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