Monday, September 22, 2014

NoTransfers, New Companion and lots of work!

Its transfer week and I'm not transferred.  Gosi is now officially my last area.  So we had a busy week.  After the first typhoon we were put on tropical storm watch.  It was supposed to just be lots of rain and flooding but it turned into lots of wind.  So it just kind of petered out.  

Your trip sounded like fun.  I will try to put some pictures up later.  

I don't have a lot of news.  We had a really good sacrament yesterday.  President Amistad (Temple President) spoke.  He explained the second coming very well.  He said that we shouldn't be afraid.  We should be excited.  The purpose of all the bad things that are and will happen is to get rid of the wicked.  So when you think about the second coming from now on, think about all the good things that will happen, like the millennium, temple work, resurrection, peace, missionary work, salvation.

I love you all.  I will send an addendum if I remember anything else.

Please tell me you didn't eat that!

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