Monday, September 1, 2014

This was an interesting week

We had a special leadership meeting in Cauayan and then went straight onto splits with the AP's.  It was really good.  I like working with them.  I always learn a lot.  We didn't have very many lessons however last night Elder Masacayan and I sat down and named all the good things that happened this week.  It turns out that there were quite a few.  I was actually kind of shocked that there were so many. 

I was taking a shower the other morning and I saw something black and furry up in the corner.  I thought I had discovered a Pokemon of something.  I showed it to E. Masacayan and it turns out that it was a bat.. We got it out of the bathroom and it started to swoop at us so I ran away all while being in just a towel.  
we have a very busy month planned.  There something big happening every week. So yay!

Love Elder Braden Cousin
Beautiful Cauayan Mission Home

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