Monday, September 15, 2014

Update on Typhoon Luis and Elder Cousin

From the Mission Home
Typhoon Luis went through the mission last night.  It did not develop into a category 2 as predicted. There was a lot of rain, wind and some flooding, as well as power outages in the Tuguegarao area.
ALL missionaries are safe and accounted for

Cattagaman District Tuguegarao South Zone
Sister Karavanua, Sister Hirst, Sister Lamac, (Sister Miller is in the MRC in Manila)
Elder Masacayan, Elder Kocherhans, Elder McCausland, Elder Labetoria, Elder Cousin, Elder Glassie

Sorry we are really late today.  We got hit with a category 1 Typhoon yesterday and now we have no power.  I'm not really sure how I am netting right now.  Its like the city has turned the power back on in some areas but not everywhere.  The good thing is that we are all safe.  We were locked down from 6pm last night until this morning. We had a few apartments in the zone get flooded but our apartment was all safe.  Don't worry, something crazy had to happen before I came home.  

Something cool this week was that Sunday morning we didn't pickup any of our investigators for church.  We figured that if they didn't come they had a good excuse (typhoon).  But one of our investigators came without any promptings.  We didn't text, call, or even suggest coming to church.  We were both really surprised.

I do have pictures but they might have to wait until next week.  We don't have a lot of time.  I love you all and hope that you have a great week.  

Here is a quote that you might like.  "Obedience is all The Lord expects."

Elder Braden Cousin

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