Monday, October 20, 2014

Enjoying some Korean Food

This week was really really good.  We had a split and had some fun.  I was sick for a couple days.  I had to have my last sickness in the Philippines.  Our one investigator has a Baptismal Interview on this coming Saturday so hopefully next week we will have a baptism.  We have zone conference this week.  I have never had to teach at zone conference which is great!  I sent out some emails about my homecoming so unless people ask maybe putting it on Facebook isn't necessary. I posted some pics on Flickr.  We found a Korean restaurant here in Tugy so we tried it.  It wasn't bad.

One thing that was super funny this week was that Elder Roy became a ZL again.  At the start of the cycle he was transferred to the Next zone over without a calling.  But when Elder Odom went home president called him and asked him to be a ZL again.  It was super funny because he was so excited to just be able to finish his mission as a normal missionary. Sometimes we don't always get what we want!!!! 

That is pretty much my week

Korean Food (Delicious)

I recognize a few of these dishes

Looks like Sushi to me?

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