Monday, October 6, 2014

Jet-setting in the Philippines

This week...  It has been crazy but awesome.  So everything was normal until Thursday.  We had to be in Cauayan at 8 am Friday morning but that is impossible if we were to leave Friday morning so we left Thursday evening and just slept over with Bangal and Allred.  We woke up Friday morning and went to the mission office.  They gave us itineraries and took us to the airport.  Our flight was a little late but we made it to Manila around noon.  We went straight to immigration and we saw more foreigners in 15 minutes than I have my whole mission.  The church has connections so we were in and out of fingerprinting in about 15 minutes.  We then drove by the Cathedral and the Vice-Presidents mansion.  Our driver was awesome.  He knew everything about manila and was super chill.  We went to MOA (Mall of Asia) and hung out /ate lots of American food.  We then went back to the Hotel and just hung out all night.  We then randomly met the family of one of the missionaries here.  His dad designs all the coins here in the Philippines so it was lots of fun to hang out with them for a little bit.  The hotel also had hot showers.  We got up the next morning and went straight to the airport.  I didn't get back to my area until around 7.  

For not being here for a few days.  We had some really good work.  We have two really great investigators that have baptismal dates this month.  Hopefully I will have 2 baptisms before I come home.  I'm excited.  I'll send more pics next week. 

Gathering before flight to Manila to be fingerprinting for exit visa

Flight to Manila
American Food galore :-)
Last piece anyone!
Mall of Asia
Crispy Cremes Donuts

Room with a view

A little sight seeing
Back to the Mission home with enough to share...

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